Sikorsky S92

Sikorsky are rightfully proud of the S-92 as the most advanced aircraft in their civil product line. We also are proud of the fact that we played a part in it’s development through our customer Gamesa is Spain who were responsible for its aft fuselage, ramp door, main rotor fairings and horizontal stabiliser. Our role was in providing the certification stress analyses for all these parts. This involved meeting the highly demanding analysis standards that Sikorsky expect from their technical supply chain while at the same time delivering in time for their certification deadlines in 2002.


The C-Series wing is Bombardiers state of the art in composites structures. Through the use of advanced structural materials the design has been able to deliver significant weight savings which contribute to the C-Series aircraft’s fuel efficiency.

Developed by the team in Belfast we played key roles in the design of it’s ribs and repairs philosophy. Our team operated as on -site specialists in the Bombardiers Belfast Technology Centre as well as delivering work packages from our in-house design and stress engineering teams.

Ejection seats

Martin -Baker say :

“…the ejection seat may represent the crew members last chance to survive and that there can be no compromise.¬†Every facet of the safety system from initiation, escape path clearance, ejection sequencing, stabilisation, life support and parachute descent to final rescue, must work perfectly to safeguard a precious life.”