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Peter Hinds

Profile pic - Pete
Peter Hinds – Co-founder and Director of Business Development

Peter is an engineer, business developer, marketer, creative problem solver, and make-it-happen dynamo. In 2000 he, together with Ian Kelly, founded Base as a long standing ambition to create a company in which to engineer, analyse, design and certify aerospace structures in his home town of Belfast. Peter started his career as a stress engineer in the Technical Department of Bombardier Aerospace and continues to push his passion for complex finite element simulation, refined understanding of aircraft structures and an ability to craft proposals that sparks the imagination of our customers.


Ian Kelly

Profile pic - Ian
Ian Kelly – Co-Founder/MD

I fell into the world of aircraft structures and stress analysis through a rabbit hole. In 1984 I was hired into the engineering department of Short & Harland on Queens Island in Belfast when the SD330 and Belfast Heavylift transporter were still on the boards, and yes they were still using drawing boards! After a whistle-stop tour of some of the industrious aircraft design offices around Europe of the time, including Westland Helicopters, a fledgling Airbus and Snecma, Peter and I founded Base in 2000. The rest is history and some of the highlights can be found in the pages of this site. What about the low-lights I hear you say……well “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger“…… maybe in a strange twist of irony that could be my epitaph!

Paula Kelly

profile pic - Paula
Paula Kelly – Commercial and Financial Manager

As a part of the founding team in 2000, Paula has seen Base mature and evolve into what it is today. A keen eye for detail and an absolute belief in the human race has seen Paula guide the company and watch out for the many and varied pitfalls that any SME encounters along the way. With a degree in Psychology and Linguistics and in a wide and varied career you may have met Paula before, perhaps selling you a BAe125 business jet in Hatfield or teaching you English as a foreign language in Cambridge, or even being an ambassador for women in Engineering at networking and industry events around Belfast….. you just never know.



Janine Andrews

Janine Andrews- Office Manager
Janine Andrews- Office Manager

Janine has been at the core of the company from it’s very early beginnings. She is a consummate professional and able to put all newcomers, visitors and customers at their ease when acting in her role as front of shop for the many touch points around the company. When it comes down to it you’re better off taking Janine’s word for it than thinking you’re right as she has an uncanny recall of the facts and, fortunately for us all, impeccable skills of diplomacy. Overseeing the HR, Quality and Facility management is not a straightforward business, despite appearances, and Janine has it down to a tee.

Andrew Wallace

Andrew Wallace- Chief Stress Engineer
Andrew Wallace- Chief Stress Engineer

Andrew joined the company in 2007 and has risen through the ranks to take over the highly demanding task of managing the stress engineering function at Base. A steely resolve and unflinching commitment to getting the job done to the highest standard regularly delights our customers and if you need a steady head in a high pressure situation Andrew is there to oblige. He’s no slouch outside work either and can regularly be seen rain, hail, sleet or snow either running up a mountain or cycling down the ‘greenway’.


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