Within our offices in Belfast we offer a multi-disciplinary engineering design and analysis service that can help our customers develop their products and certify them for the market.


CATIA designer

Engineering is at the very foundations of our company. The founding partners in Base are Aeronautical Engineers and have embedded a rigorous and professional Engineering culture into the companies DNA. Engineering is still defined as being a partly creative and a partly scientific discipline. This is where Base have developed it’s own unique engineering management system which encourages the creative abilities of its engineers whilst at the same time provides a robust framework to up-hold the demanding quality standards of AS9100 and SC21.

Stress Engineering

FE modelling

Engineering is a skill which takes many years of practice to become proficient. It is also a discipline which requires state of the art analysis and CAD tools to deliver reliable designs. We are proud of the breadth and depth of technological savvy and experience our team of staff engineers and specialist contractors bring to the table. It gives us the confidence to bid, win and deliver on time, on-budget and to the required high standard that the demanding work of our customers require.

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