Over the time since our formation in 2000 we have successfully delivered our services to the Aerospace market in the UK, EU and US


Within our offices in Belfast we offer a multi-disciplinary engineering design and analysis service that can help our customers develop their products and certify them for the market.


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Engineering is at the very foundations of our company. The founding partners in Base are Aeronautical Engineers and have embedded a rigorous and professional Engineering culture into the companies DNA. Engineering is still defined as being a partly creative and a partly scientific discipline. This is where Base have developed it’s own unique engineering management system which encourages the creative abilities of its engineers whilst at the same time provides a robust framework to up-hold the demanding quality standards of AS9100 and SC21.

Stress Engineering

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Engineering is a skill which takes many years of practice to become proficient. It is also a discipline which requires state of the art analysis and CAD tools to deliver reliable designs. We are proud of the breadth and depth of technological savvy and experience our team of staff engineers and specialist contractors bring to the table. It gives us the confidence to bid, win and deliver on time, on-budget and to the required high standard that the demanding work of our customers require.

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Base have developed a long track record of successfully placing engineers into our customers  businesses. The success of this part of our business is completely rooted in the calibre of the people we put forward. They are all subject to the highest standards and only those who we see as being suitable to be an ambassador for our company succeed in being selected.

Many of our customers have taken advantage of this placement model alongside off-load work packages within our Belfast office for delivery by our in-house team. For this we assemble a team of appropriately skilled engineers to represent us in our customers’ premises to integrate with their engineering teams or as individual specialists. These teams can be deployed as a managed team where we plan and complete the project under the control of our project management processes and engineers. Alternatively they can fall under the management of our clients engineers and seamlessly integrate with existing product development teams

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We view the relationship with our clients as a partnership with mutual benefits arising from a placement of the right engineer in the right job at the right time. With this vision and values at the heart of the recruitment service in Base, we have provided recruitment solutions for our clients on an international playing field.


Base operate in partnership with MSC Software. MSC Software make products that enable engineers to validate and optimize their designs using virtual prototypes. Customers in almost every part of manufacturing use their software to complement, and in some cases even replace the physical prototype “build and test” process that has traditionally been used in product design.


MSC Software’s technology is used by leading manufacturers for linear and nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA), acoustics, fluid-structure interaction (FSI), multi-physics, optimization, fatigue and durability, multi-body dynamics, and control systems simulation.

MSC pioneered many of the technologies that are now relied upon by industry to analyze and predict stress and strain, vibration & dynamics, acoustics, and thermal analysis in their flagship product, MSC Nastran.


In our partnership with MSC software we have enabled best practice within our own teams simulation activities and have been able to transfer these skills into our deliverables for our customers.

Meet the Team

We are Aircraft Designers, Stress Engineers, Entrepreneurs and Professionals……..


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