29 June 2015

We love something a bit different to work on but I don’t think any of us expected this. A very long standing friend and ‘composites warrior’, Pete Spence got in touch about a very special project he had got involved with to build ‘Five Apples’ made from composite materials and to be exhibited in the Peace Park in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Pete needed some drawings and an analysis to show that the design would comply with the European safety regulations.

Building Peace through the Arts – 5 Apples Project from Arts Council of Northern Ireland on Vimeo.

Well not to miss out on something as interesting as this we duly complied and we can now proudly say we played a small but crucial role in this very worthwhile project to ensure the on-going stability of the Northern Ireland peace process. Japanese artist Shiro Masuyama was commisioned by Dunclug Partnership as part of their Building Peace through the Arts – Re-Imaging Communities Project. The innovative sculpture was unveiled to the public on Monday 29th June 2015

The ‘Five Apples’ were unveiled in June

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