13 October 2015

Base first drew breath in 2000 and breaking all conventions and superstitions opened it’s doors wide for business on Friday 13th of October. Since then a fifteen year long journey was embarked upon. We would be foolish to claim it’s been all plane sailing (pun intended) but what we can say is the doors are still as open wide as they were on that first brave day. So two office moves later and a lot wiser we’re still going strong…..as they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!

It’s hard to believe what we’ve achieved looking back but it’s a real credit to all of the team that we’ve completed over 170 projects in that time ranging from wings to windmills, bulkheads to buses and not forgetting the occasional helicopter or two. The team has grown from  ‘Pete & Ian’ to a steady plus thirty and even got to the dizzy heights of fifty a couple of years back. We’re all champing at the bit for the next job and keen as ever to find the next interesting piece of kit in need of some of our special attention. So a big thank you to all on the team who’s hard work has made this possible.  And to all our customers who had enough faith in us to invite us into their design worlds, a very special message……..we can’t wait to join you on the next job.

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