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11 July 2016

causeway-aero-darkTogether with four other companies in Northern Ireland we are taking on the challenge to ‘move up the supply chain’. Base, Denroy, Moyola, Dontaur and Hutchinson Aerotech are doing what no other local aerospace cluster – at least in the UK –  has attempted.

Causeway Aero has been in the melting pot for quite some time now and this week at the Farnborough Airshow we are having a very exciting time as it is the official launch of the venture. Causeway Aero Ltd. is now trading and will be the single point of contract for the combined design and manufacturing contracts that it is already in the process of securing. This single trading entity is unique amongst similar collaborative ventures  and in direct response to the feedback the launch team have received from a number of OEM companies and industry experts

Invest Northern Ireland have been very supportive in this initiative which has been borne out of a collaborative network going under the same name. You can hear what Paul Shields, who has been facilitating the process and listen to  our own Pete Hinds, Denroy’s Kevin McNamee and John Rainey outline the need and opportunity that Causeway Aero Ltd. is on course to meet in this case study video:

The Belfast Telegraph ran a great article all about it too.


Success – we’ve got Bronze!!!

Pictured : Peter Cowan (left) Bombardier Vice President of Supply Chain and Fabrications, our SC21 sponsor company, presenting Peter Hinds (right) with our SC21 Bronze award at the 2016 Farnborough Airshow.

14 July 2016

SC21 Bronze LogoThe SC21 award is a much valued and sought after credential to place in any companies trophy cabinet. It has been developed by the UK aerospace primes such as Airbus, Spirit, GKN and Bombardier who have invested in and endorsed this ADS initiative. Since it’s inception we have been maintaining a watching brief but until recently been unsure of it’s applicability to a design organisation.


Comparing apples with Apples

29 June 2015

We love something a bit different to work on but I don’t think any of us expected this. A very long standing friend and ‘composites warrior’, Pete Spence got in touch about a very special project he had got involved with to build ‘Five Apples’ made from composite materials and to be exhibited in the Peace Park in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Pete needed some drawings and an analysis to show that the design would comply with the European safety regulations.

15th Anniversay

13 October 2015

Base first drew breath in 2000 and breaking all conventions and superstitions opened it’s doors wide for business on Friday 13th of October. Since then a fifteen year long journey was embarked upon. We would be foolish to claim it’s been all plane sailing (pun intended) but what we can say is the doors are still as open wide as they were on that first brave day. So two office moves later and a lot wiser we’re still going strong… they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!

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